Sileshi Consult was established in April of 1984 as an Architectural and Engineering design services firm and has been providing its services through architectural and engineering designs including the supervision and Project Management of various and complex civil works project.

Besides its long and varied experience in the design of various projects that comprises of schools, social centers, kindergarten, commercial complexes, Universities, Churches, Apartments, Office Buildings and Factories etc. it has an in depth and extensive experience in contract administration of projects with the smooth handing of projects from their inception up to the final handover of the projects.

It has undertaken projects of great complexity and magnitude, some of the completed projects are considered as landmarks in the city of Addis Ababa. This achievement is attained through the participation of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals employing the highest design standards.

Sileshi Consult is an Architectural and Engineering Consulting Firm registered in the following agencies,

Over and above its long and varied experience, Sileshi Consult would like to assure its prospective clients of its utmost integrity and the highest professional ethics in its fulfillment of its contractual obligations.